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Im Wintersemester 2014/15 und im Sommersemester 2015 werden wir ein eingeschränktes Lehrangebot haben, da Prof. Schulze Fellow am FRIAS sein wird.

Im Wintersemester wird ein Seminar für Master- und Diplomstudierende sowie das Oberseminar für empirische Wirtschaftsforschung angeboten, im Sommersemester "Advanced Macroeconomics II" sowie das Oberseminar für empirische Wirtschaftsforschung.

Darüber hinaus bietet Dr. Kis-Katos im Wintersemester für Diplom- und Masterstudierende die Veranstaltungen "Field experiments in development economics" und "Development microeconometrics using Stata" an.

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The coming winter term 2014/15 and summer term 2015 we will only be able to offer a limited number of courses due to Prof. Schulze's activities at FRIAS.

During the winter term, a seminar for master and diploma students will be offered as well as the "Oberseminar für empirische Wirtschaftsforschung". During the summer term "Advanced Macroeconomics II" and the "Oberseminar für empirische Wirtschaftsforschung" will be offered.

Furthermore, Dr. Kis-Katos will be offering the courses "Field experiments in development economics" and "Development microeconometrics using Stata" for master and diploma students.

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Winter Term 2014/2015 teaching shortcuts:


Field Experiments in Development Economics


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Development Microeconometrics Using STATA


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Seminar: The Political Economy of Urbanizationand Development

The registration for the seminar is still possible; places are allocated on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to Judith Müller at judith.mueller[at]

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Summer Term 2014 teaching shortcuts:


Advanced Macroeconomics II


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Reale Außenwirtschaft

* * * * *

The Economics of Terror

* * * * *

Workshop on Scientific Writing


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